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    600X600 Grid Ceilings
    Gypsum ceiling
    Calcium silicate ceiling
    Partition and cladding
    Aluminum Strip ceilings
    MEP works
    HVAC and IT works
    Flooring and WallCladding
    Joinery works
    Glazing work
    Signage and Art Works
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    Project Management
    Interior Design and Contract Drawings
    Shop Drawing and As Built Drawings.
    Full CAD facilities
    Mobilizing and coordination with Authorities
    Execution of the project



Whether you are looking at super luxurious home interiors or that cosy dream home, VB Interiors helps you create your utopian dream home. With our vast experience and in-depth knowledge of Residential Interior projects, we are able to come up with stunning designs that are practical and user friendly at the same time. Most importantly each area of your house will be carved exclusively as per your taste giving life to your thoughts.


An impressively designed office not only reflects professionalism but also demonstrates progressiveness and thirst for excellence. Our team of professional corporate interior designers create the most intricate and exclusive designs in the country. Our concepts are new, fresh and with an International perspective. This is aided by the fact that we help you source materials from some of the best factories in India, with options on import from China, Italy & Germany. The sourcing is done as per the taste, budget & theme of the office we are designing.


The commercial world has been abuzz with new developments in the field. There are new players entering various industries because of the potential that lies in front of them. However, this increased competition has also saturated the audience. Today, there are many owners of Showrooms and Hotels who do not manage to attract the audience because of many reasons. One of the most crucial reasons for the same is less than amazing interior designs.



Prior to award of contract, a pre contract meeting is held with Contractors /Client, where the tender submission by VISUAL BEYOND INTERIORS are discussed in detail, all scope of work is clearly defined, preliminaries are qualified and agreed , and any ambiguities/gray area are stored out. The contract documents are checked against the successful offer made by Visual beyond interiors and once verified as correct, the relevant documents are signed as required by contractors/Clint The complete pre-qualification including the quality plan for VISUAL BEYOND INTERIORS the detail method of statement for execution of the project and safety requirements is submitted as required.


Material sample will be submitted by VISUAL BEYOND INTERIOR using the prescribed Contractors/Client material submission form as per the Material submittal schedule in accordance with the specification list.


Based on the instruction from Contractors /Client which will clearly demarcate the scope of the mock up and the area where it is to be erected. VISUAL BEYOND INTERIORS will submit the shop drawing for the mock up as per the approved drawing submittal procedure On receipt of requisite proceed for installation by Contractors/Client KEY CONTRACTS will erect the mock up utilizing the approved materials as per the specified furnishes and Contractors /Client will invite the Contractors /Consultant for review and comments.

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Based on the contract program received from Contractors/Client. VISUAL BEYOND INTERIORs will prepare and submit a contract program identifying the following: 1. Shipment of material from manufacturer 2. Delivery period to site 3. Installation sequence on site


Based on the tender drawing and / or other relevant drawing received from Contractors/Client, VISUAL BEYOND INTERIORS commences on the process of generating shop drawing which detail the following:- Fixing details Finishing details The drawing also takes into consideration existing site conditions and a detailed site survey is conducted to incorporate exact as built civil construction dimension. Any unclear information is raised on technical quarry sheet (TSQ) and Contractors/Client will ensure clarification to VISUAL BEYOND INTERIORS in the approval format. These drawing are submitted to Contractors/Client in 4 sets based on Visual Beyond Interiors Drawing submittal program, which is in turn based on Contractors/Client overall program of works The drawings are submitted to Contractors/Client in the prescribed format, for onward transmittal to the consultant. If the shop drawing submitted by VISUAL BEYOND INTERIORS found acceptable. Contractors /Client will return the drawing to VBI with the stamp ‘APPROVED’ by the consultant and VISUAL BEYOND INTERIORS will proceed to release the drawing for installation site. If minor changes are required in the submitted drawing by the concerned authority, the drawings are returned to VISUAL BEYOND INTERIORS with the stamp ‘APPROVED WITH COMMENTS’ and subsequently released to the site for installation. If major changes are required, the drawing is returned to VISUAL BEYOND INTERIORS with ‘REVISE AND RESUBMIT’ and if the drawing is un acceptable, the stamp ‘NOT APPROVED’ will be used, VISUAL BEYOND INTERIORS will modify drawing accordingly and resubmit drawings, clearly showing the revision number and proceed for approval.


The installation stage begins with the review and appraisal of the program of installation with Contractors/Clint Site Representative to ensure that the site is ready to receive the materials generally, along with a similar re confirmation from our site supervisor. Goods are offloaded from the truck at the site and shifted to the storage area demarcated to VBI, utilizing porter. On satisfactory completion of unloading, the vehicle or container is removed from the site as appropriate. The Contractors/Client representative at site responsible for quality control will be invited to check the materials at site at the stage .subject to approvals, the goods will there be moved to the installation area, in conjunction which other Sub Contractors and Contrivers/Client. Goods will then be unpacked, and the packing debris shifted out to the rubbish skip, ensuring that the installation area is kept neat and tidy with clear access and egress pathways. VISUAL BEYOND INTERIORSsite supervisor will carry out a pre installation QA check .Subject to QC approval. Installation of goods will be carried out by a qualified installation team in accordance with the approval program of work. Representative will be requested to conduct and inspection, both during and after installation A post installation QC check will be conducted by our representative and the installed team will be wrapped with temporary protective materials, where appropriate materials, Where appropriate and required by the delicate nature of product. Prior to final handover to Contractors/client the protective wraps are removed, and a request for final inspection is made to Contractors/Client. Subsequent to pre inspection, installation & approval by main Contractors /Client and client representative, this stage will be considered as the completion stage of the scope of work of Visual Beyond Interiors and subcontract.


Subsequent to the completion of the project, a demobilization program will be embarked upon, whereby men and materials will be taken of the site premises in a planned and phased manner. A complete set of built drawing with the relevant O & m Manual will be submitted to Contractors/Client. VISUAL BEYOND INTERIORS, representative will follow up the Contractors /Client to receive the formal certificate of completion from the Engineers/ Clients representative / appropriate authority Our final accounts will be submitted to Contractors/Client and the contract will be closed on receipt of the final payments The VISUAL BEYOND INTERIORS representative will be on call during the active maintenance period of the project.


The company already has existing systems in place, which ensure that both the supplied products and the site installation confirm to a certain quality standards. Process controls at all stages right from placing order of required materials to the site final quality inspection at site after installation to ensure that customers are given the benefit o stringent quality control All product sold by VISUAL BEYOND INTERIORS are with manufactures warranty, which is passed on to the client directly, and for the site installation quality workmanship is ensured for all project.


All my Modular kitchen requirement comes to end with VB Interiors. It was fantastic experience and the quality of material and design all are customized. The end result was even better than what we expected.I am happy now. I'll recommend to all my friends to have experience with VB Interiors.

I recently got my 3BHK flat interiors done by VB Interiors. I can't express my feelings when I entered my house 2 days ago during the handover.For a moment I felt like it was a dream; but VB Interiors has made it all true! Yes. If you're looking for home interior design, VB Interiors is the right place!


VISUAL BEYOND INTERIORS Is a company with the experience and expertise that have made us one of the more successful companies in the U.A.E our success has been soundly built on a reputation for producing the quality and the reliability to complete on time and within budget. Its portfolio ranges from Retail outlets, restaurants, Shopping Malls, offices, Hotels to Exclusive Specialist works such as Foyers, reception areas, Executive offices, Show rooms, Clubs etc... Read More


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